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Alex McInturff, a 23-year-old Stanford student, set out Monday to retrace John Muirs 320-mile walk from San Francisco to Yosemite Valley, taken in 1868.Muir, a native of Scotland, would go on to found the Sierra Club, lead the drive to create Replica Omega 951158.75 Constellation Watch Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks, and pen dispatches from his travels that would become in part the philosophical foundations of the modern conservation movement.McInturff, an Earth Sciences masters candidate, is hoping to turn his walk into an opportunity to record how California’s land has changed since Miur walked across it.

Im interested in looking at where weve come from since Muir and where we might go, McInturff told the Mercury News. I want to look at the history of whats been effective, what hasnt, and what are the attitudes and motivations for people on the land, he said. How Replica Omega 4617.35.02 De Ville Prestige Watch can we reconcile growing urbanization and development with protection of species and landscapes?McInturff is hoping to stick to open land as much as possible, avoiding the roads that now the cross and cut the once bucolic land. Follow his progress on his blog, located here.--Sean Brander

Combination brushed and polished case. These details are often much more appreciated when you are designing the watch yourself.A photo from the other side. For good measure.The black riveted pilot strap is a nubucksueded finish, and complements the watch REALLY well. I think aside from possibly a Dark greyBlack nubuck Crocodile Replica Omega 2221.80 Seamaster Watch rivet strap, there wouldnt be anything I prefer more with the possible exception of a Bracelet maybe.

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Famed Italian climber and author Walter Bonatti will be honored at this years Piolet d Or festivalin Coumayeur, Italy on April 24. The golden axe is an annualmountaineering award given by French magazine Montagnes and The Groupede Haute Montagne since 1991. Seventy-eight-year-old Bonatti willreceive the Replica Omega 3815.79.40 Speedmaster Watch first Piloet dOr awarded for lifetime achievements.Between1949 and 1965 Bonatti set the bar for difficult mountaineering climbs.He first came onto the scene with an ascent of the north face ofGrandes Jorasses, a technical high-alpine climb in the Alps. In 1951,he sent the east face of the Grand Capucin, which was then the mosttechnical route in the Western Alps.

Nineteen fifty four saw Bonattishuttling oxygen bottles up for climbers attempting a first ascent ofK2 . After he was hit by a storm, he and a Sherpa were forced to openbivy at 26,600 feet. Both survived and the team attained the firstascent. Bonattis most remarkable first ascent came in 1958 when he anda team climbed the 26,001-foot Gasherbrum IV in Pakistan, then and nowone of the worlds hardest peaks.Bonattiretired from difficult climbing at the Replica Omega 1511.51 Double Eagle Perpetual Watch age of 35 after one of hisclosest friends, Andrea Oggioni, and four other French climbers diedduring a seven day siege on Mont Blanc. He has since travelled theworld photographing mountains, writing books, speaking and climbing easier peaks. --Kyle Dickman

We finally got them in.. the limited edition BreitlingSource Forum watch, a Customized Steinhart Nav B-Uhr with a unique dial, and a special engraving on the back of the watch. Check it out!The proverbial wristshot. The 47mm sized case might be a bit large for my 6.75 wrist, but this is the first Limited Edition Forum watch, put together by Replica Omega 2922.80.91 Seamaster Watch Altair from our forum, and Gunter from Steinhart watches in Germany. It came to my door this morning, Christmas Eve! What a nice surprise.Notice the dark grey Lumed Arabics, combined with a grey dial, and beautiful scripted Limited Edition lettering on the front.

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A group of pirates, likely armed with automatic weapons, hijacked an American container ship off the coast of Somalia on Wednesday, according to the New York Times. The Maersk Alabama was carrying 20 American crew members and transporting thousands of tons of relief aid to the Kenyan port of Mombasa when it was seized in a Replica Omega 1619.51.91 Double Eagle Automatic Watch notoriously lawless zone near the Horn of Africa. In recent years, Somalian piracy has become a multi-million dollar business. In fact, more than 50 pirate attacks have occurred this year alone and 16 ships remain in pirate custody, awaiting ransom negotiations.

Three American Navy ships and a dozen international vessels patrol the area as part of an American-led task force designed to combat piracy. Unfortunately, the nearest patrol ship was about 345 miles away during the hijacking. “It’s that old saying: Where the cops aren’t, the criminals are going to go,” Lt. Nathan Christensen, a U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet spokesman, told the New York Times. “We patrol an area of more Replica Omega 4174.35 De Ville Prestige Watch than one million square miles. The fact of the matter is that we can’t be everywhere at one time.”The coast of Somalia isnt the only area where pirates are patrolling. Last fall we ran Last Voyage of the Culin, a story on a possible pirate attack off the Pacific coast of Mexico.--Ivan Miller

I decided to start a new site called Strapaholics, since I have found myself gravitating more and more towards watch straps in recent years. At first, every single watch in my collection was on a bracelet, but lately, that number has become more Replica Omega 4175.71 De Ville Prestige Watch like 5050. Half my collection is watch straps now, and I want to bring strapmakers and strap collectors together now. I dont want to just focus on Panerai Straps.. I want to focus on all sorts of straps Everyone is welcome, come to the site and join the forum!

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Since humankind began traveling on two and four wheels, animosity has festered between the two factions competing for the same stretch of asphalt. But this rivalry was brought to new heights last week when a driver in Indiana Mike Tyson-ed a cyclist, biting off part of his ear, according to The Republic. Jeffrey H. Guffey said while he was Replica Omega 2907.50.9 Planet Ocean1 JAMES BOND Watch biking he yelled at an SUV to slow down on residential streets of New Castle, Indiana and the driver pulled over, got out and attacked him. New Castle Police Chief James Nicholson told the Republic that a good chunk of Guffeys left ear was torn off and he was treated at a local hospital.

Where does road rage come from? According to a report by road rage guru Leon James, The symbolic portrayal of the car has it tied to individual freedom and self-esteem, promoting a mental attitude of defensiveness and territoriality. For further reading, Momentum has an excellent article on cyclists vs. drivers road rage. Though bikers are the victims for the majority of road rage incidents, thats not always the case. Last July, a Replica Omega 321. Speedmaster Broad Watch Portland biker threw his bike at a car and used it as a weapon against the driver, a longtime cycling advocate, the Oregonian reported. --Melanie LidmanHave you been the victim or aggressor of road rage? Share your story in a comment below.

Aside from Panerais and serious solid gold dress watches, I cant get used to any other watches on straps. The fully polished case on the Von Burg goes very well with the watch, giving it some presence, but still a very understated overall appearance.The body, while only 40mm in diameter, is quite long so sits bigger on the wrist than many 40mm watches do. Lume is very strong, with numbers and three central hands all glowing. Replica Omega 2234.50 Seamaster 300m GMT Watch Day-date is typical Valjoux 7750 configuration, and works correctly. Not much else to say other than at secondary market pricing around $500 for this watch is a fantastic deal. Quite a bit more satisfying than many other Hamilton and other brands of Valjoux 7750 watches for some reason. The quality of the bracelet is quite good. Ive always felt that Hamilton lacked in that area a bit.


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We told you about Gerald Genta and how he is responsible for some of the most storied sports watches of the modern day, the least of which not being the A Lange & Sohne 702.025 Men's Watch Royal Oak.Recently however, Audemars has really pushed the limits of what is acceptable, attractive, and reasonable for such a storied timepiece, and we don't mean that in a good way.We are talking about the countless "limited edition" Royal Oaks (and Royal Oak Off-Shores) produced and sold at astronomical prices.This includes the Alinghi Carbon Off Shore, the Volcano, the Wempe-only, and the Shaq.

Click here for the details of this 1962 James Bond Submariner for sale. Hodinkee in James Bond, James Bond Rolex, Rolex, Rolex Submariner, Vintage Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at 10:22AM The Rolex GMT with a Pepsi-bezel is a classic replica Breitling A2133012-G5 Men's watch vintage model, and we have found some great ones in the past (like this one signed by Tiffany & Co., this one signed by the Tiffany's of Venezuela, and this one used in the COMEX Everest Operation, which incidentally, did not involve going up Mt.Everest).

However, perhaps the most offensive is the new Royal Oak Off Shore Survivor Chronograph, which our esteemed colleague at WristWatchReview described as the A Lange & Sohne 315.032 Men's Watch result of a "robot taking a dump on a turtle" (which we hereby nominate as the best one-line description of any watch in the history of watch blogs.)It is hard to believe, but all of Royal Oak Off Shore Survivor Chronographthese massive, multi-colored, cartoonish watches actually have lineage to one of the best looking, most streamlined steel sports watches of all time, the watch that we have found for you today.